Friday, February 13, 2009

Australian Inferno

My state of Victoria burns and I sit back and feel helpless.
What can I do? I am but one. I am not trained in this expert field of fire fighting, so I would just be in their way.
The one thing I can do is crochet.
So I will crochet for the victims. The victims need so many things, they have lost it all.
My small gesture to begin with is to crochet more face cloths, I have sourced quite a bit of personal deodorant and soap. The face cloth, soap and deodorant will go hand in hand, for just a little bit of personal care.
I will not go to the market this winter and every thing I would usually make for the market to sell will be given to the fire victims. They as we, will need to keep warm on cooler nights and in the winter. We must not forget the fire victims! As a Nation we are all banding together. Whilst the top of our country floods the bottom of our beloved country burns. The flood victims are giving their flood relief funds over to the fire victims! I am proud of our Nation a generous and kind Nation who stick together when times are so tough!
Thank You to those who are helping me in my small adventure here, my American, Australian and Dutch friends who are contributing to my small effort.

Just one of our hero's at the front of a fire.