Friday, December 5, 2008

Snow Flakes, Visual Tutorial

Oh I just love a good visual tutorial! I made these snow flakes in about an hour, watching and making as the video played. I have to give credit to Joan over at Lets Go Yarning for posting the you tube link and of course to the creator of the learning video on you tube. It doesn't stop there though, she has many more, so it's worth viewing the link. I have just supplied 3 of her, you tube video's here, for the 3 snow flakes I made. I used the glow in the dark yarn that was sent to me from my US friend Linda. I have not blocked them as yet, I was just too excited about them and had to share them here with you all! I love the centre one, but I have run out of the white glow in the dark yarn, boo hoo. Oh the only thing I did different was at the end of each snow flake, I chained 10 then slip st back into the beginning of the ch 10, to make a hanger for them.