Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas has come early with 5 little puppies

I've posted about my puppy breeding once before in this blog post. Last night another litter was born before the stroke of midnight on my daughter Cristy's birthday. I assisted my dog with the first born, then she was away on her own, she is a very good mother to her pups and goes straight into action on each birth cleaning and chewing off the cord of each pups arrival. It's truly amazing to see.
This is the first born.

In no time after the first born, there were 2 more.
Upon checking her tummy I still felt movement with in her, so I knew there was to be another. Here she is in action cleaning and chewing away the cord.

After the 4 were born and the long night, I did not expect any more and went off to bed, that was about 3.00 am. I was awoken before 7.00 am by hubby, who had to tell me there were now 5! Yes 5 puppies in all. You an see the 5th one in the centre of the picture below. He is a runt and not coping as well as the other 4, you can see his fur is wet, as his mother keeps urging him on and he is improving.

They are maltese cross and are lovely mannered pets.