Monday, December 1, 2008

Flowers that grow in my garden

Now I am no green thumb at all and cannot even tell you the names of these plants. But what I do know about gardening is that I can break off parts of some plants and either stick them straight into the ground or into a bit of water and the cutting will survive, giving me another plant that I know I can grow successfully. These are all pretty hardy drought resistent plants and most of them are succulents.

A cutting from my Mum.

An old cutting from my Mother-in-Law

A plant from my Mother-in-Law, flowers mid year.

More cuttings I have put through out the garden.

I can take cuttings off this cacti, it flowers once a year.

This is a prickly little cacti, flowers once a year.

This succulent flowers just before xmas.

First time flowering for this one.

They are only tiny, but I never knew it flowered.