Friday, November 14, 2008

Tunisian Worked In The Round

Well this is a little hat made with the Tunisian st and an extendable Tunisian hook. It does look like it is work around, but it is not. The regular Tunisian forward and return has been used here, but there is one exception. At the end of the forward row, you slip st to the beginning of the row you are working on, then you complete the return row as usual. I tell you this had me stumped for a bit. When I was working with the extendable hook, I could not reach half of the st's to work on, it was like I needed a rubber hook to bend to meet the st's I needed to work on. So then I tried 3 crochet hooks, like working with knitting dpn's, that did work but it was uncomfortable. So I tried the extendable again, this time I pushed the st's I had just worked on (say half of the row) all the way down to the end of the extension and I was able to reach the unworked st's. YES!
This hat was just a demo, the above picture is the right way out and the picture below is wrong side out. You can see the size difference in st's where I used the 3 hooks in the lower white part. The hat was worked from the bottom upwards. And a doll is my model.