Saturday, November 1, 2008

Move over and make room for Christmas

I made a quick trip into Spotlight which is a major craft chain here in Australia. I was looking to purchase some sock yarn. To my dissapointment, they have reduced their yarn aisle's to make lots of room for christmas decorations! So my sock yarn choice was very limited, I was very annoyed after walking up and down the 2 aisle's they now have to cater for the yarn enthusiast. I eventually chose the yarn below, which is a very soft acrylic and absolutely no stretch, so these may have to be my practice balls. Although I did come across a clearance on some crochet hooks, the 3 in the middle are the hooks with the light in the end of them and a .99c aluminium large hook. I did need these particular sizes and they all have the fat handle which I prefer to use.
Onto something else. I bit the bullet and purchased this Tunisian cable hook set from Crochet Australia.
I'm involved in a christmas swap and I have my swap items made and ready to go, which now gives me the time to spend on Tunisian crochet and sock making practice. Yippee!
I can't blog about the christmas items I have made yet. I do not want to spoil the surprise for my swap partner, just in case they read my blog. But I will take pictures before I send them off on the due date and blog about them later on, I will say that I have made something that I have not delved into before.