Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When People Know You Crochet

When people know that you crochet, they tend to be on the look out for crochet things. Below are some old to very old doily crochet pattern books, from the 60's to the 90's. These came from my Daughters boyfriends Mother. They belonged to her Mother. The prices on the pattern books are in the pound form and from Scotland and England. Some prices read 2/6 and others had the pound price of 1.20.

A lovely lacey glove pattern from one of the pattern books.

Trolley mat and cosey set.
Crochet centre doily.
Padua doily.

My Mum and Step Dad came for a visit today, I was in bed when they came as I had not been too well. But they cheered me up by not only coming, but bringing me some items from a deceased estate. There were specific instructions that I was to have these crochet pattern books.

Centre page from one of the more modern 70's patterns.

I would attempt the top, but the pants?
Nice 70's tanks here.

Pity the camera flash is too flashy, for these twin cardigans.

These are sead beads in a 500gm jar that my Mum and Step Dad brought down too. My step dad says I have to count them before I use them, LOL. The middle jar has larger lovely blue beads too.

It's so nice to receive things when you least expect them.