Friday, October 24, 2008

A Little Bit of Crochet and Sewing

This was a project I had in mind from January this year. The skirt was ankle length and I cut it to knee length. The piece I cut out off the skirt is going to be a matching top, with a bit of crochet to finish it off nicely.

I was initially going to have the piece doubled, but it was a bit too short. So now I am going to cut it in two and sew one piece on top of the other.

I did not have much of a yarn choice and this was the closest match I had on hand.

This is the top piece sewn with one piece on top of the other.

I have crocheted an exact copy, from the top of the tank top I
had just made. Being fresh in my memory it was too easy.
Here I am making a gather at the upper part of the top, so I can sew it to my crocheted piece.

Just making a quick size comparison here.

Here you go, my crocheted piece sewn on with shoulder straps too. I left the shoulder straps to last, to ensure it would fit me.

The matching top and skirt.

A closer look at the top.

I purchased this skirt from the op shop for a couple of dollars. All in all I would say I now have a cheap and trendy out fit.