Monday, September 15, 2008

Bec's Crocheted Rag Bag

Bec is my 32 yr old step daughter, she has supported me with all of my crazy crocheted items by either wearing them, using them or dressing her children (my grand children, Lily, Darcy and Bella) in them. My husband (her dad) Terry and I went for a visit to see them all on Sunday (including Bec's husband Dave) and I just had to make something for Bec to take to her, I just love seeing the surprise on her face!
So I made her this crocheted rag bag to take up to her, the little heart on the bag came from her dear departed Nannie's button tin (which I have) and I just knew it would add sentimental value to the bag.

I used a 12.00 mm hook and I cut strips from an old sheet and tied them together. I used the easy peasy crochet bag method. I began with 5 sc, did 15 rows for the base and 15 rows high for the sides. I also used laughingpurple’s bag lining tutorial. Thanks Purple for all of your tutorials, they assist me immensely.
Because I had the rags already cut and joined, the whole process took me a solid 2 hours.
Above are the selections for the contrasting trim, lining and pocket.

Above is the view from inside, I included 3 pockets, 2 being narrow (mobile phone etc) and 1 being slightly larger.