Monday, June 30, 2008

Free Hat Pattern-Divine Hat

the divine hat
This free pattern was truly a delight to work with, the pleasure being with the outcome of the Hat. The pattern is written in simple terms. Just remember the space to dc in, is the space, not the eye of the dc, I did this at first and the spiral effect was not there, once I had over come this little hurdle it was on with the pattern and it was a breeze. It's written in US terms and some adjustments were made due to US yarn being different to AU yarn, I used a 5.00 and 6.00 hook, 12 ply yarn, I decreased the height and added a few simple decreases around the last few rows for a better fit with the Au yarn used. Here is the link to the free pattern.

Thanks to Rheatheylia for the pattern, she does have more free patterns with in her site.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Crochet Hat Additions

Because of the popularity of the slouch/beret type hat at the market last week, I've made some more for the market tomorrow.

This one is a lovely thick blend with a small fleck of black through it, it feels very soft and silky

I've called this one a flurry, as it is a flurry of mixed colours
which can be worn as a hat or slouch

This is truly a lovely set, which is done in a V st.
The model does not do it justice.
The wool blend is almost silky and it has abit of a shine.
I've made this very soft brown before, as I had a little of the wool left I was able to make just one more

A bit of a colour medley here, which is done in a fpdc and a bpdc, with a tassle for fun

This is my caramel surprise, after I had made the V st set above, I wanted to make another in 2 colours, but the increase of the V st made it difficult to keep the colours aligned, so I alternated coloured rows as the pattern increased, it is a colour and style that actually suited me

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Market Day

To market, to market
to sell something
rain again, rain again
jiggid'y jig.

All was well at 7.30 am.
Here is a view of my stall from the right.

And here is a view of my stall from the left. My youngest daughter is in the back ground, she actually got up early to halp me after she had a late night.

A close up of the left side of the stall.

A close up of the right side of the stall.

The rains came down and the brellies came up.

My second eldest daughter came along with 2 of my beautiful grandsons.

Not selling much at this point in time, can you see the puddle of water in the plastic?

My grandson Cooper loved the puddles.

I sold 3 beret type hats to an elderly lady, who would have bought more if I had more to suit her.

I sold a hat and neck warmer set, a few single scarves, a single neckwarmer and a few variety items from my bargain box.

I was in profit after I paid for the stall.

There was so much interest in what I was selling, that I couldn't resist booking a stall for the following week.

No body knew what the ice-cream cone or cup cakes were, they were clearly marked, but this is not some thing one see's alot of, here in Australia.

The neck warmers were a first time see for many, I can see that people need to be educated, we wore my product and I had display heads and a picture in a frame of the neck warmers, but people still seemed uaware of their purpose.

I know that I need to specify that what I was selling, was adult wear.

I was impressed with the males who liked the neckwarmer, but alas I did not cater for them.

I am back to the drawing board this week and I will focus on improving certain area's which may help with more sales next Sunday(Weather fore-cast is windy but dry). It was also a fun day, even though we got rained out. The market closed a half hour early and I had my stock covered for an hour previous to that. 3 of my daughters, 2 grandsons and my Husband turned up for support, so it was a wet family fun day.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crochet Panda Purse and update

Crochet Hats and Panda Purse
The kungfu Panda movie is now showing in Australia.
So with a bit of luck this cute little Panda purse may sell at my stall this Sunday.


This Sunday at the Berwick market.

I'm so excited and I feel prepared.

Of course I'll take photo's and write up a post here about it.

Whether it was good or bad I will let you know.

More Additions For the Market

Cute little dress purse based on my dress Bag pattern
Gotta love those lady bugs

Another cute cup cake purse, with beads

Some more hats
3 Little Bags.
The two on the left took me about 4 leisurely hours to make.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Recycled Crochet Bag

Turn a bottle into a pretty bag
Quick Tutorial
You will need an empty bottle, scissors and hole punch

Cut bottle as above, and hole punch around to crochet in

Choose some yarn to work with.

Make 2 ends of sc inc, in the round, until you get the size you need for the ends of the bottle, then sc attatch ends to bottle.

Sc across centre opening of bottle add a strap and decorate.

And here is a finished recycled bag

New Display Heads and Some Feedback

My new additions for my display heads.

I got this one from the market for $10.00 today.

She 's a little grubby so I ripped her face of her head and I'll give her a good clean.

I think she looks trendy and she will be a good head model.

(does the nose look similar to that, of a very famous singer to you?)

Now I bought 3 polystyrene heads from spotlight yesterday for $13.50 each on special, originally $18.00.

Yes I know it's a bit pricey, how ever I needed display's for my stock, so the initial price may bring me some more sales when I go to the market.

I missed out on a stall for this Sunday, but I am making a phone call first thing in the morning for next Sunday, hope fully I'll get in as they were fully booked when I rang last time.

But I do believe I now have better display items for my stock to present well.

I also caught up with my sister-in-law today which was very exciting!

Why you may ask?

Well she gave me my very first $ order from a co-worker who has seen some of my designs. She wanted to buy the granny blues set, but guess what again?

I gave it away last week!

So now I have to make another and wing it because I make the designs up as I go along. Not to worry I'm half way through it already.

Robyn also gave me tons of new yarn too!

When I saw her today she was wearing a hat and neck warmer I made for her some time ago and it looked great!

I found it hard to believe that I actually made it.

It was a real confidence booster.

Cats Rocking Crochet Chair

This is my latest rocking chair.
The first one was similar to this one, but it did not have a cushioned back or the foot stool to match and it was uncomfortable.
My second one was an actual rocker recliner, that I took from my lounge room, but it took up too much room and every time I dropped my hook, I had to lift the chair up to find it.
Now this one I spotted today at the market, it rocks and has a foot stool which rocks as the stool rocks. It's a bit more comfy than the old one and matches my surrounding furniture.
I couldn't resist a picture on the back of the ute, which reminded me of the Beverly Hillbillies.

Just a funny picture of my daughter who falls down the stairs every other day.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Those Ice-cream cones and Cup Cakes

There are lots of these getting around at the moment.

It's just a matter of increasing in the round as you build the cone.

Make a final row of chains and sc to place the draw string into.

I made all of these in one evening.

I've added some cup cake purses

It's a better look for the base of the cup cake if it is done in fpdc and then a bpdc.
Below left, is a picture of a sc in the round cup cake base

Bullion Stitch Hat

This hat is made to match the bullion stitch neck warmer/scarf.

I will making another and will write the pattern once I make it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bullion Stitch Neckwarmer, Scarf. Free Pattern

a free pattern for a neckwarmer
I've been tossing this idea about for a while and I finally did it.
It took me all of 2 hours to make two of these and write the pattern.
I love the bullion st and placing it in this position on the neck warmer makes it look like a big flower.
Don't worry the pattern is all in one and very simple to make.
I am choosing to hide the buttons from view as not to spoil the bullion effect.
I am sure there will be more varieties of this one, such as colour effects a larger hole in the centre of the flower to accommodate a very nice centre peice button and the idea's go on and on.
Thicker yarn used with the red version AU 16 ply (2 x 8 ply) AU 12 ply yarn used with this beige one

Bullion St. Neckwarmer/Scarflette/Scarf
Materials: 12 ply yarn (worsted weight) less than 50 gms
5.00 mm hook (H/8)
thicker version 16 ply yarn (bulky weight)
6.00 mm hook (J/10)
US terms used.

Special Stitches:
Bullion st, yarn over hook 5 times, insert hook into st, pull up a loop pull through all 6 loops on hook.

BLO = work stitch into the back loop only, of st indicated
DC = Yarn over hook, insert hook into st, pull up a loop, yarn over hook, pull through 2 st’s, yarn over hook and pull through 2 st’s again.
Sc= Insert hook into st, pull up a loop, yarn over hook and pull through both loops on hook.

Ch 4, sl st to first chain to form a ring

Ch 3, 10 dc into ring, sl st into first dc to join (not ch 3)

Ch 1, 1 sc in same place as join, ch 2, 1 sc in next dc, *ch 2, 1 sc in next dc*, repeat to end, ch 2 and sl st into first sc of this round

Ch 3, *1 bullion st into ch 2 space, 1 bullion st into sc st*, repeat to final ch 2 space, sl st to top of ch3

Ch 3, work 2 dc in space between ch 3 and 1 bullion st, work 2 dc in next space between the bullion st’s, work 2 dc in next 3 spaces between bullion st’s, ( 1 x ch 3 and 10 x dc in total) ch 3 and turn

Pattern RowsWork 1 dc in very first dc, work 1 dc in each dc across, do not dc in end ch 3 of previous row, ch 1 and turn (10 dc and ch 3 turning ch)

Row 1 of pattern. Working the back loops only, work 1 sc in each dc across (ignore ch 3 turning ch), (=10 sc) ch 3 and turn

Row 2 of pattern. Work 1 dc in very first dc, work 1 dc in each sc across, ch 1 and turn (10 dc and ch 3 turning ch)

Repeat row 1 and row 2, 12 more times, (24 more rows of pattern) ending with a dc row, then sl st across 10 dc and fasten off

Button PlacementPlace buttons beneath circular bullion to hide from view. The buttons will do up nicely in a dc.

To make a scarf
Using this pattern to make a scarf can be done easily by making 2 of the above, omitting the sl st ending and ending one side with a sc row, then join together. Make them as long as you need.