Monday, June 16, 2008

New Display Heads and Some Feedback

My new additions for my display heads.

I got this one from the market for $10.00 today.

She 's a little grubby so I ripped her face of her head and I'll give her a good clean.

I think she looks trendy and she will be a good head model.

(does the nose look similar to that, of a very famous singer to you?)

Now I bought 3 polystyrene heads from spotlight yesterday for $13.50 each on special, originally $18.00.

Yes I know it's a bit pricey, how ever I needed display's for my stock, so the initial price may bring me some more sales when I go to the market.

I missed out on a stall for this Sunday, but I am making a phone call first thing in the morning for next Sunday, hope fully I'll get in as they were fully booked when I rang last time.

But I do believe I now have better display items for my stock to present well.

I also caught up with my sister-in-law today which was very exciting!

Why you may ask?

Well she gave me my very first $ order from a co-worker who has seen some of my designs. She wanted to buy the granny blues set, but guess what again?

I gave it away last week!

So now I have to make another and wing it because I make the designs up as I go along. Not to worry I'm half way through it already.

Robyn also gave me tons of new yarn too!

When I saw her today she was wearing a hat and neck warmer I made for her some time ago and it looked great!

I found it hard to believe that I actually made it.

It was a real confidence booster.