Saturday, June 28, 2008

Crochet Hat Additions

Because of the popularity of the slouch/beret type hat at the market last week, I've made some more for the market tomorrow.

This one is a lovely thick blend with a small fleck of black through it, it feels very soft and silky

I've called this one a flurry, as it is a flurry of mixed colours
which can be worn as a hat or slouch

This is truly a lovely set, which is done in a V st.
The model does not do it justice.
The wool blend is almost silky and it has abit of a shine.
I've made this very soft brown before, as I had a little of the wool left I was able to make just one more

A bit of a colour medley here, which is done in a fpdc and a bpdc, with a tassle for fun

This is my caramel surprise, after I had made the V st set above, I wanted to make another in 2 colours, but the increase of the V st made it difficult to keep the colours aligned, so I alternated coloured rows as the pattern increased, it is a colour and style that actually suited me