Thursday, April 3, 2008

Crochet by Candle Light

Wednesday 02.04.08, was a day of 120 kmph winds and a massive black out across Victoria (Australia).

I was with out power for more than 24 hours.

What I missed the most was my perculated coffee and my computer.

I had a little clip on light used for book reading, which I attached to the peak of the cap I was wearing. So this is how I got about.

I was paranoid about tripping and falling and causing further injury to my fractured foot. It is so on the mend now, I didn't want to slow the process with another accident.

But I came out unscathed, I just got a little bored.

I did how ever manage to make this neck warmer by candle light.

It's for my daughter Terrie.

With quite a bit of down time, I thought I'd color my hair.
I grabbed a bleach instead of a tint.
Now I am a nice bright shade of orange.
My daughter Danielle, who is now a legal secretary, has some hairdressing experience and she usually takes care of coloring my hair.
She was not impressed at all!
So she is making me wait another day before she repairs my hair, to a more acceptable color.


Anonymous said...

Cats - that's a great looking neckwarmer done without actual light. A book light on a cap brim? You are adventurous....don't suppose you'd want to share a pic of the orange hair, eh? lol

Seriously, that's quite a storm. I keep forgetting you're in summer now. We're still fighting intermittent snowstorms and 60 degree days.

Take care of that foot!

Sharon (Gran3)

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Not a chance of that photo Sharon. I want to keep some respect. (LOL)
We are in Autumn now, so the days are fresh crisp mornings followed by a pleasant sun filled day, not too hot and not too cold for most of the time any how. It is my favoutire season. The foot is coming along nicely.
Oh I should mention that my daughter made me wait all day to do my hair, I will be rinsing my new colour out soon, we are crossing our fingers that the new colours have taken.
Cheers Cat.