Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Crochet draw string bag with seed beads.

I got this box of yarn from Trash & Treasure for $12.00.
It's mostly 100% nylon and I am sure it is for making carpet.
You may recognise one of the colours from the cat I made, sophis-ti-cat.
What to do with so much yarn?
Apart from the cat, I have now made a draw string bag.
Scroll down to see it

I started at the base with sc worked in the round and increased until I was happy with the size. I continued to work upwards with a bit of a decrease here and there for shaping. I added the black in, to form a pattern. It's kind of like crochet tapestry. I hand sewed seed beads into it for decoration and did some over crochet. The draw string is done in a plat.

Over all I am quite happy.