Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Crochet Cat.

I named this cat. Sophis-ti-cat.

I read some where that once you've made one type of amigurumi, you can make any type of amigurumi using the same technique. So I gave it a go with-out a pattern and just made it up as I went along. I visualised the shape I wanted it and either increased or decreased where I wanted to change shape. It's all done in SC and where you want a smaller or larger beginning, the trick is in the beginning circle. Starting with 4 SC in the circle then increasing will give you a smaller beginning. Starting with 8 SC in the circle will give you a larger beginning. The smaller size being for arms and legs and the larger for the body. 6 SC in the circle is usually the head and the most used beginning. Once you have done the body, you bring your project alive by adding features. One feature being the ears, shaped differently can determine what your project will be. Adding a tail will determine it even further.
The fun part is adding facial features, the eye's can say it all. I am awake, I am asleep, I am a wide eyed beauty, I am Asian and so on. Some makers don't include a nose or a mouth. Whiskers for a cat are a great feature, you can make them long, short, stand out or flat to the face. Felt can be used for these features along with pipe cleaners or even the yarn. I have purchased eye's and you can get them in various shapes and colours. Adding jewelery or clothes can make your project more life like. I also add thread wire to the parts I want to shape. Well good luck with your amigurumi project. There is plenty of help on the web to assist you.