Thursday, October 13, 2016

To The Wonderful People Who Visit My Page

My writing of and posting of free patterns has slowed.
due to personal reasons I have been raising two young grandchildren, for the last two years.
I am also creating a new craft room and had to pack up my materials in order to paint then re-furnish my crafting room.
I can barely find a hook or needles to use, the process has been much slower than I had expected.
 I am using pre pack furniture and the simple task of putting that together has not been an easy one.
Every time we start to do it, there is a need to stop for the grandchildren or an illness or injury.

 The mixed match of furniture I had in my craft room before was uneven and ugly, every time I put my hook down it would roll down and onto the floor. Having sharps and valuables in the room was also a danger to the little ones. So it was time for a rebuild and proper storage.
 So now the little ones are up and they need my attention, I have some creative idea's stored in my head and I hope to be back real soon and supply a new and free pattern for my page visitors.
Thank you for your support and I will see you soon.