Thursday, October 27, 2016

What A Beautiful Crocheted Shawl!

Here is the image I found
on pinterest.
 The link sent me to a video on YouTube, which is here.
I believe the video to be in Russian, but you can turn on subtitles as pictured here, the circled cog.
But quite honestly the translation does not make much sense.
The next best thing we can do is to slow down the video and crochet along with it.
Once again go to the settings cog
select speed as in the picture below
Then select the speed to watch in
select 0.5 or 0.25 to slow the video down, you can play around with these 2 speeds to obtain your comfort, crochet along with speed.
Alternatively you can also speed up the video.

You can watch the video here to make the alterations.

You may have some favorite crochet video tutorials that are too fast, now you can apply the same method to them.
Happy crocheting!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Great for Gifts! Crochet A Chevron Kitchen Towel

Just came across this great free crochet pattern!
What a great idea for a Christmas gift or any occasion gift.
Or would you keep it to your self?
Here is a picture and the link to the free crochet pattern, enjoy! 
Image and pattern are from Crochet Dreamz,
thanks for sharing such a lovely pattern!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Child's Friendship Knot Sweater, Free Crochet Pattern

Child's Friendship Knot Sweater

This is a free crochet pattern, so very cute!

You will find it on Redheart, link here.
It also links to a pdf file that  you can download. 
So very cute


Thursday, October 13, 2016

To The Wonderful People Who Visit My Page

My writing of and posting of free patterns has slowed.
due to personal reasons I have been raising two young grandchildren, for the last two years.
I am also creating a new craft room and had to pack up my materials in order to paint then re-furnish my crafting room.
I can barely find a hook or needles to use, the process has been much slower than I had expected.
 I am using pre pack furniture and the simple task of putting that together has not been an easy one.
Every time we start to do it, there is a need to stop for the grandchildren or an illness or injury.

 The mixed match of furniture I had in my craft room before was uneven and ugly, every time I put my hook down it would roll down and onto the floor. Having sharps and valuables in the room was also a danger to the little ones. So it was time for a rebuild and proper storage.
 So now the little ones are up and they need my attention, I have some creative idea's stored in my head and I hope to be back real soon and supply a new and free pattern for my page visitors.
Thank you for your support and I will see you soon.