Friday, May 2, 2014

Knit Look Crochet, With The DC Stitch

It was slow going but I did it, I made a crochet hat that looks like it was knitted. Yes a knit look within a crochet hat, you can achieve this with most crochet stitches, the technique seems to go much faster when working on a flat crochet piece such as an afghan, but once you apply the method with in a crochet hat it becomes a different story.
crocheted hat that looks like it is knitted
If I increased in every stitch on the 1st row of increases, the hat became too bunched up, so I increased in every 2nd stitch and it worked, I would have to do a row with out increases in every second row and work the increase rows so the hat would not bunch up or curl up on it's self. It's never taken me so long to make a small hat, but I persevered as I could also see and feel how thick the hat was becoming making it this way. The hat is for my 6 month old grand son and when he and his family go to the snow this hat will be perfect for him.

This is the picture my daughter tagged me in, requesting a hat for little Dayne. 
picture of baby Dayne
Yo Nanny! Make me a hat please

close up of knitted look crochet hat

knit look crochet hat

knit look crochet baby hat

I made a very short recording of how I made the stitch, I believe the stitch technique has been around for some time and I have seen the sc being used more and more the same way as a flat piece, but I found it way too time consuming and fiddly to use with in a crochet hat worked in the round.