Saturday, May 17, 2014

Crocheting For My Grandchildren

I thought it may be nice to show you some crochet items I have been making for my grandchildren recently, links provided where possible.

a crochet vest and skirt
 This set is for Cindy who is almost 3
You can grab the free pattern for the vest at this site
front view of a crochet vest and skirt
 This set is for Savannah who is almost 2
front view of a crochet skirt and vest for Savannah
For the boys, Cooper and Bradyn
boys matching hats for the snow
 For Savannah
a crochet hat for Savannah I designed
For the hat above and below, I used my beanie babe hat pattern and increased to 60 hdc.
 This is Cindy and a new hat I made for her
beautiful Cindy wearing a crochet hat I made
 A circular vest I made inspired with Minnie Mouse in mind, I used the idea from the crochet schema at this site, this turned out to be a small size 6 to 12 months and I gifted it to a lovely young woman who is having a baby girls in August
Minnie inspired crochet vest 

I used the information from this page to get the crochet look in the beret below

Instructions For This Beret Coming Soon!

Oh and here are a pair of slippers I made for myself