Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crochet Kokeshi Doll Construction

After making my very first Kokeshi doll
crochet kokeshi doll
 I wanted to make more.
So I did!
I took pictures as I made them and wanted to share them with you.
It's very clever how they come together.
how to crochet a kokeshi doll
 As you can see I am making 3, this is the body and head made in one piece, these have been stuffed and a small weight placed in the bottom to make them stand up.
crocheting a kokeshi doll
These dolls are your typical amigurumi, made with sc's in the round next was their hair, made separately and placed onto their head.
Then their little back thingies are made, I think they are called an obi.
Then I made their sleeve's and hands, the sleeve is just a basic triangle.
They are really taking shape now, with their hands and sleeves attached it was play time for me, sewing eye's and mouths and little extra features.
I did go on line to get inspiration, I mucked up the pink one's eyes a bit and had to play around with them more, but I achieved a different look with her, I also made up my own little flower and found a pattern for a small umbrella
kokeshi dolls
 I did the screen free hand and am currently thinking on lanterns or small pieces of furniture to finish the setting off.
kokeshi dolls crochet
I'm not sure if I should add a little more bling to their hair, chop sticks and beads.
crochet japanese kokeshi dolls
The main thing is that I had fun!
But I have so many more items I want to crochet I may just leave these ladies the way they are and move onto something else that I have in mind to do, as a matter of fact I have already started a bit of it, thumbs up for crochet!
I found this pattern for the doll using the way back machine, here is the link.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cute Crochet

Just a few pictures of what I have been making of late, some cute and cuter!

I've used a hdc in the round in some of these, looks just as good as the sc in the round and works up faster.
I made my own pattern for the cup cakes and doughnuts, using lots of inspiration from other patterns.

These look good enough to eat

These are made with a hdc, no pattern, I was inspired by other pictures, Duncan on the left and Earl on the right.

There are so many ways to make a crochet coffee or tea cup look so cute!

I also made my very first Kokeshi doll

And some out fits for my Grand daughters
 Good colors and a cute factor = success
For Savannah 1 yr old

These colors were a shade too dark, but they match Cindy's skin color, pattern from the Candy Tots pattern book