Saturday, June 15, 2013

Golfers Elbow Cure?

There is pain toward the top of the elbow which is called tennis elbow and then there is pain from the bottom of the elbow which is called golfers elbow, almost in the same place as your funny bone.
My golfers elbow pain was brought on by making fine jewelry, so I gave that a rest, but the pain did not go away, it hurts when I do any sort of cleaning, wiping or scrubbing things and when I chop up vegies and in other ways too.

For the past week or so I have been crocheting like mad to get some orders out and when I went to scrub up a couple of spills that my grand daughter Cindy had made, the pain had lessened!
For the first time in months  it was not as painful to scrub and the only thing different I had been doing was more crochet than usual.
The crocheting movements must be working the affected are in my elbow.
Hubby has been nagging me to go to physio, but I was just putting up with it as physio costs money and time and I hate anti inflammatory medication.

Lesson learned?
 Crocheting is great physiotherapy for golfers elbow.
Save money, time and not having to take any nasty medication.
Crochet Rocks!