Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tunisian Entrelac Stitch Count

I am writing this post to keep some information stored for myself and for others who may need it too.
I happened across a video tutorial made by Bethintx1 (her you tube channel).
The video was a crochet along making an afghan with the tunisian entrelac method.
The out come of her afghan was just lovely.
But I wanted to down size my project and just followed along for 3 rounds and a, half squares round for my face cloth.
The next face cloth I did I made some improvements on and I did a sc border, simple but it looked nicer, so I went back to my first one and did the same thing.
I really wanted to know the break down of the stitch count, so I could make other shapes and items with this pattern.
I asked the professional, Beth!
I had this st count. 
( 2 diamonds = 21 chain, 3 diamonds = 31chain, 7 diamonds = 71 chain...) think I found it, cheers Cat :)
This is the st count and explanation she gave me.
 10 for the square and one for the joining chain between the squares. so if you start with 7 squares, it would be 70, plus 6; because there are six joinings between the 7 squares.

(2 diamonds= 21 chains, 3 diamonds 32 chains, 4 diamonds = 43 chains, etc. )

I am officially excited to have the formula.
Below is the beginning of the video tutorial I crocheted along with, thank you Beth.