Sunday, February 20, 2011

How I Made My Crochet Yoshi

 Firstly let me say that this is not my pattern you can find it here and thank you so much RoboTrish for supplying this pattern for free.
I took pictures all the way through whilst making 2 Yoshi's at once, I am hoping that they may guide some-one that is either new to crochet or new to making an Amigurimi.

Here are the finished pair which I made for my 2 of my grandsons, they are both Super Mario fans.
What I did first was to copy and paste the pattern to a word document on my computer, then I enlarged the font for easier reading. Then I did a google image search for pictures of more crocheted Yoshi's, copied and pasted the pictures to the same word document, these pictures would now be my visual reference.

How much yarn will you need? My Yoshi's have been made from 3 different colored yarns as the yarn I chose which was a beautiful soft wool, was not enough, they were 50 gm balls of yarn. So I would recommend a 100 gm ball of yarn for your Yoshi color, about 3.5 ounces

After you have made your 6 sc in the magic ring, pull yarn tight but not too tight, after you have made your 12 sc on row 2, pull the yarn tighter to close the ring.
 It's very important to keep count through out the entire pattern.
 Using a st marker is a necessity.
A view of the stuffed body shape.
I found that on row 8 of the eye's the st count is out by 2 extra sc, so I just crocheted them together, no big deal. I think the next row will be out by one as well.
 So here are the eye's stuffed. Looking good.

This is what the thumb looks like when you make it.
  Row 7. Count carefully around this row when you go into the sc's.
 It looks fantastic once finished :)
 I got a little confused on this row and the next row, but the decrease is a total of 4 times in all.
Row 8 of the legs.
Row 9 of the legs.
What the leg boot and tail look like.
The cheeks, spikes and saddle.
 Here are all of the pieces for my 2 Yoshi's, now to sew them all together.
 They look slightly naked here.

Here they are eye's and all a front and side view. I used felt for the eye's and glued them on with craft glue which dry's clear.

And a view from the rear.
I hope my pictures may help some one who does make the Yoshi, if you can do a sc and read a pattern, I'm so sure that you could make one, so why not try it. Good luck and thanks for reading my blog.