Friday, December 3, 2010

Where did I go to?

Well I suppose face book is so addictive that I have been spending most of my time there, but I do have a locker hooked project that I want to share with you all. I wanted a unique Christmas gift for my sister and brother in law, I wanted to make them personalized place mats with the locker hooking method. First I gathered my materials, I needed black and white colors, I shredded an entire queen size bed sheet and some black silk, the fabric was all new a good luck find from a second hand shop.

 Next I used an existing place mat to get my sizing.

 I made a fold for an edge and used very thick yarn to go around the edging.
 Then I traced out their initial on each place mat and locker hooked the initial first, then continued from the outer edging and inwards.
 So here they are finished and ready for dinner service, I would estimate they would take a week to make at a leisurely pace.

More on my locker hooking here.