Thursday, July 1, 2010

Recycled Sweaters and Dyeing Yarn

I've been contemplating on recycling old sweaters.
I looked into this once before and browsed the second hand shops for used sweaters, but I was baffled, I really did not know what sweaters would unravel well. 
So this time I am going in prepared with the knowledge I have discovered on the internet. 
I'm also considering the purchase of felted sweaters, the ones that were accidentally felted that can be cut into shapes for all types of uses.
I also thought it may be handy to have some knowledge of dyeing yarns too.
I just have to learn about what types of yarn will take the dyeing process.
I found some handy video tutorials that will assist me in this venture and I would like to share them with you too.

Excellent link for more help.

Link for more help.