Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crafty Crochet

Some crafty crochet to share.
Have a really good look at the picture below.
The crochet work and idea's belong to Rudy Rambo, I saw her post to Mikeyssmail on face book and it impressed me enough to blog about it (with her permission).
Not only has she embellished her project, but she has put it together for so many uses. I wonder what is under the lid of the 1st container on the right?

Below is a stitch marker and row counter in one. I saw this idea on the internet somewhere and made one up myself, I have already used it and it is so very handy.

I was doing some swatches of skull and crosssbones from a graph pattern. I was testing for the best size to use in a hat. At this point I do not think I could work the graph into a hat as I make the hats in the round and I do not think the graph pattern will line up as the stitches in a hat are off set. But I was able to sew on the small skull to the back of an ear flap hat.

Large Skull Graph.

Small Skull Graph.

This is an ear flap hat I made for a 2 yr old.

I must tell you that I was one of two winners for Mikeyssmail DVD competition.
I am going to use this as an aid in teaching my grandkids more on the knifty knitter, maybe I'll get them to crochet too!