Friday, June 4, 2010

On the move, Crochet Defrosted

Only a few hours previously I was at a stand still, I grabbed some yarn and my hook and began to crochet a hat with the bullion st at the beginning centre, I kept the bullion st going as I increased the rounds, but I got bored with doing the bullion st, so I frogged it and kept 1 round of the bullion st near the beginning. At one stage whilst I was still increasing the rounds of the hat, I stopped almost half way around to have a look and it gave me an idea to make a flap at the front that folded upward, so here it is below with a nice button on each side of the flap. I've seen similar before and liked them.

You can just make out the bullion st here on the top of the hat.

With this blue hat, I made a bit of a granny st in one of the increase rounds.

I crocheted a long band and sewed it around the blue hat and added a silver button.
These were both made with beginning 12 dc and increased in each round until 72 dc.
I continued a few more rounds and changed the st to the up and down st, which gives a lovely closed decorative st.
When I made the front flap for the red hat, I finished off the hat and re-joined the yarn to the side of the hat and made the flap of 36 dc in the front loops so the flap turned upward, made about 4 rows of dc and left a long thread to sew the flap to the front of the cap.