Friday, June 25, 2010

Four More Flapper Hats

Over the last 2 days I have completed these four adult ear flap hats.
I am trying to write patterns as I go, I have the draft for the granny flapper hat, but I have to make a second one to complete the pattern instructions. The pink and blue ones in this picture have a very similar pattern to the childs ear flap hat pattern I up loaded a few days ago.

These 2 black ones have a different stitch each, one being the granny on the left and on the right is the puff stitch. Both ties have a lovely finish, one has a black rose and the other has curly ends.
Below I made a ladder type of tie for the adult pink ear flap hat. It has the filet st with a scfd row threaded through the centre.
With a small flower attached to the top of the tie, the ladder looks almost like the stem of the flower.
A few simple rows of the colours that are used in the blue earflap hat, finish off this tie nicely, suiting a male or female wearer.

Whilst I am here, I am going to type down some of my instructions for future use. I have so many things jotted down that I can barely tell them apart.

Adult hdc ear flap hat worked almost the same as the childs hdc hat, difference below.
Adult HDC ear flap hat.
1. 12 hdc into ring
2. inc to 24
3. inc to 36
4. work row with out increase
5. inc to 48
6. inc to 60
7. inc to 72
Work with out inc for approx 7 inch measure of hat from top to bottom. Fin
Place ear flap 7 st's away from back centre.
Make ear flap
1. work 12 hdc
2. 3. 4. work 12 hdc
5. dec at each end ( 2nd st in and 2nd lst st) 10 hdc
7. dec each end
8. work 8 hdc
9. dec each end
10. work 6 hdc
11. dec each end
12. dec each end (2 hdc) fin off.

Edging the same as childs hdc.