Saturday, September 12, 2009

Finally Something To Show You All!

Remember in a previous blog post I asked you to guess what I was making? Well here it is. It's a cappuccino hat with saucer and choc chip cookies on the side.
This is the first picture I revealed for you to have a guess at what I was making. I made a basic beanie in a dc and added white fluffly yarn around the edges for the milk froth.

I completed a saucer, by making 2 pieces the same and sewed them onto a round piece of cardboard I cut to shape, then I added the rim you find on the under neath of a saucer, by crocheting over the top of the sc's in the saucer.

I used some pipe cleaners, twisted them together and made a sc cover to sew around the pipe cleaners for the handle.
Another view of the components I used.
So here is the hat and saucer seperate.

This is about where it will be sewed together.

Now it is sewed together.

Now the handle is attached with some choc chip cookies to go with your cuppa. Hope you have enjoyed this original and unique hat. I have made it especially for my step daughter who works part time in a coffee shop, the one who loves and wears all of my crazy hats.