Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crocheted Caps/Beanies

My step daughter Bek' has a friend who admired some of the hat's that I had made for Bek' over time. Her friend asked if I would make her some, as she is about to have chemo therapy for her cancer treatment and can't find any thing slightly flattering or unique. There was an offer of money for payment of the hat, which I refused and explained to Bek' that this year is all about assisting people in need and I would be more than happy to make her a small variety of chemo caps to wear. The lady is about 50, and I sure hope that she likes the styles and colours that I made the caps in.

This first cap is made with black acrylic, which I made with a brim with black eye lash yarn and a glittered multi colour edging that turns upwards so as not to itch the scalp.

This cap has a thinner finished edge which also turns up and is finished off with a yarn that looks similar to small locks of curly hair, a very suttle effect. This cap is a variegated blue, in a very soft tensel and acrylic mixture, finished off with cream edging and a small flowerette with a silver button in the centre.
And just plain cream, but with a lovely simple shell pattern, it almost looks like a cloche hat. I used the same pattern for the cap above, but with out the sc edge.

I made them all in a small size and they took me a casual 4 evenings, I did not write a pattern as I just wanted to enjoy making them, but it was a learning tool for me for future patterns to write.

By doing this for leisure and a cause, I do get great pleasure from it and I do feel better about myself knowing that these will give some one a moment in time to forget about their misfortune, what ever that may be.

Thanks for looking.