Monday, December 8, 2008

Waste Not Want Not?

From the sorting room of the Op Shop, this lot was seen as un useable. The majority of the bag contained short lengths of tapestry thread, but before it was to be tossed out as garbage it was rescued for me!

It looks a mess, does it not? See the black box to the left?

This is all fine cotton thread.
Now this is the inside and the contents of the black box.

They are some of the finest crochet hooks I've ever seen.

A very fine Afghan hook.

I am assuming that this is a winder for fine thread.

The bag also contained some unfinished patch work with many hexagon disc's, I know nothing about patchwork, so I'll save it for some one who knows about it and can use it.

You are probably wondering what I will be doing with all of those short lengths of yarn, well I'm just going to tie them together randomly and use my yarn winder to make crazy balls of yarn that I can then crochet with, what I'll make I am un sure of at this time.