Friday, August 29, 2008

What a morning

What a morning and it's only 4 hours old for me. I started cutting up some rags and I thought I would sharpen my scissors, so I used the knife sharpener and went back to cutting, BLUNT! Yes blunt scissors, the knife sharpener had the reverse effect on my scissors. So I hunt around for more scissors and I cannot find a pair that are sharp enough. I look at the time and decide I'll go to K Mart as soon as it opens, I go back to crocheting a bag for a customer order and then I head off at 8.45 am. I get to the shop and they are slow in opening up, so I am now waiting out side the shop waisting time. Going back and forth from kitchen to craft, I can't find the scissors I was hoping to buy. Whilst in the yarn section I spot some lovely soft baby blue yarn on clearance for .99c, so I bought the lot, it's for an up and coming project I have in mind. I also got to buy the 6ft folding table that was on special, I can use it at the market and I need it for xmas too. I get to the boot of my car, open it and it comes slamming down on my shoulder, OUCH!
My morning can only get better now.

New yarn and scissors pictured on my new folding table.


laughing purple goldfish said...

thank goodness the shoulder injury wasn't bad enough to stop you crafting... that WOULD have been a problem!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

I was so thinking that, especially when I slammed my finger in the door later on.

Stramenda said...

Heeeey, that's THREE pairs of scissors, a table and a bunch of yarn !! LOL. You out-shopped yourself !

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Yes I did well Stra, the blue yarn is very pretty and soft.

bevq said...

You found yarn at K-Mart???
Our nearest K-Mart is in St George, Utah but it's 80 miles from here and no yarn.

Thanks for posting a link to my website!!