Saturday, August 9, 2008

Playing around with the Divine hat and a little bit more.

I asked hubby to take a picture of my new army greens Divine hat, mmm didn't like his pictures, so I tried myself.

How to get an over the head shot? Not quite right. You can see I'm dressed for the occassion too, daggy old tracky, no make-up.

Now let's see here, now that's a bit closer and a better view.
Oh yes this is the shot.

My favourite succulent.

I can feel spring coming on, I put down the hook and cleaned up my out door area.

This is the under cover entertaining area.

This is the fishpond next to the area above.
This is opposite the first picture.
This is my non covered entertaining area.

Opposite the above area. Garden and spa area.
A balcony to catch the views.
My simple yet private back yard.
A succulent in flower.