Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Sister-in-Laws Visit

My sister in law Robyn called in to see us on Sunday with her husband (and our brother in law) Mal.
"I've got some wool for you" she said.

The yarn on the left is for her friend, she wants a beret and scarflette, the other is cotton, which Robyn wants a scarflette to match her new dark pink leather jacket. The rest is mine to do what ever I like with. I don't know if you can see the price on the cotton, but it was $1.00!
Below is some more yarn she bought, "they were on special" she said. Lovely balls of moda vera for .50c! I paid $3.00 a ball, then $2.40, then $2.00 as the clearance sales were more of a bargain. Robyn always finds the best deals on Yarn!
There is also some scap yarn from her friend, well it's not all scrap, some were full balls, below is a picture of yarn with sparkles and a foil look to them.
So now my stash gets that bit fatter, below is some of my stash, which looks tidier than this as I keep lids on them.
Stash 1 Stash 2. Plastic storage and a set of bedroom drawers with 6 drawers.
Stash 3. Tucked away in a corner.
Stash 4. The crockery got the flick from the wall unit for more yarn

And under the stairs a little nook, for bits and pieces, such as button's, eye's, glue and more.

Now don't forget that all of the above is tucked away neatly in my little area under the stairs adjacent to the dining room and kitchen.