Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crochet Rag Bag

My crochet rag bags
I saw this being done over at laughingpurples blog and I just had to try it.
I already knew I had supplies in my linen closet as I had planned just prior to this project to clean it out and give it to charity, doona covers, pillow cases, curtains, just to name a few. So far I have used, 4 pillow cases, 1 curtain and I'm starting on a pair of jeans that shrunk (LOL).

The beginning
The ball.
Another beginning.
This far into the project I have used 4 pillow cases and a curtain.
Now the jeans.
So now the denim is a ball of denim to use

Oh no, the denim is too thick for my bag,I don't want to damage it, so now I am cutting it down the middle, which will give me twice as much and thinner, but ouch! my fingers hurt whilst cutting it.

I'll be back with more!

Here it is finished. The denim was tough to crochet with. I made a flower to place on the bag but I did not like it, so I will leave it without embelishment until I know for sure what I want. I made the handles so as Icould throw it over my shoulder or hold it with my hand. Nothing fancy all sc and chain one with the handle, the rest of the bag was made all in sc. I usually crochet in the back loop only when I am going from the base to the sides of the bag, but it was not quite possible here, so I did a back post sc instead, which had a similar effect. I have used an 8mm hook (US L/H)

My daughter Cristy models the bag over the shoulder.

Here is a link for some more rag idea's.