Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Week of crochet, with picture's

The granny square in hat and scarf from

Pretty in Pink

Blue Sparkles.

Left over yarn from these 2 set's.

Now with just one day to go until I went to the market to sell, I made all of these set's, in about 9 hours.

Burn't Orange Set.

Lovely Lilac

Creamy Dream

Mohair Mayhem

Bright and Soft Red

More than half of these sold. I had made 4 other set's too that I did not take picture's of that were made for an order.


ChristieAnn said...

Hi Cats--loved looking over your blog site--you do such beautiful work!--I picked the hat/scarf combination called, "Creamy Dream" as the one I liked best, simply due to how gorgeous it looks in the cream color--just so absolutely great!


cats-rockin-crochet said...

Thanks Christieann, The creamy dream hat went to a lovely old lady and it looked so soft and warm on her, I didn't mind the set being seperated as she did the hat justice.