Thursday, July 3, 2008

Divine into Beret/Slouch

Referring back to the Divine free hat pattern, I thought it was more than possible to make a beret/slouch from this lovely st pattern. The first one I made is the light coloured grey one, I kept the increase (with out the repeat of the line before) going until I had 8 dc made in the space, then I continued the edge with the griddle st (up and down st) and slowly decreased as I reached the length desired, I thought that there was too much effort in making up to 8 dc, so the black one was done slightly different. I made one repeat of the 3 dc row and one repeat of the 5 dc, then I began the griddle st, omitting the fpdc in the first row, I made a few rounds of the griddle st before I began to decrease every 10th then 8th st. Decreasing with the griddle st and keeping the pattern correct, I decreased in a dc way, then made another dec in a sc way immediately after, hence decreasing every 10 th st then every 8th st.
Because it was mostly guess work with the decreasing, I finished the black one off with a row of sc to give it a slightly tighter finish.

I made a bow in the griddle st, which really set the grey one off.