Saturday, May 17, 2008

Off Topic Post

I usually like to only post about crochet, but I had to share this.

My computer has allot to do with my crochet research and development, so it's not surprising that I am on my computer quite a bit.

One morning, sleepy eyed I turned on my computer, then I reached over to turn the lamp on and I came face to face with this!

Need I say more?

Oh, this is a huntsman spider, which is harmless, it just looks big and scarey.


Grandma L said...

As to the spider...I felt something on my arm the other day and it was a tiny baby spider. I went berserk and instantly humanely euthanized it. I assure you he didn't have time to feel any pain.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Grandma L, that is so funny!