Sunday, April 13, 2008

Short and Sweet, Lacey Bolero.

I've just finished this lovely lacey bolero from the pattern book
The Happy Hooker.
The pattern was quite easy to follow and as the book states after a few repeats I could make the stitch with barely a glance at the pattern.
I used an 8 ply yarn and a size 5.00mm hook.
I made it casually over a few nights.
It's such a pretty bolero, I have made it for my sister-in-law, I'd make one for myself, but it is a bolero and I'd like it to meet up closer in the centre.
I must say that this book is worth buying.
My daughter bought it from Amazon for a very good price of around $12.00.
It was shipped from the states along with a couple of other books, that I am looking forward to use.
Here in Australia, the crochet fanatic is not really catered for, buying a good pattern book here, cost's around $30.00 and upwards, if you can find them.
So Amazon is a very good resource to purchase from.


Fran, said...

Can you make the sleves longer in this pattern? You did a beautiful job.

linda said...

hi love the pattern, where did you purchase it.
thank you
linda from scotland

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Hi Linda, I bought the book online, just google it and it will come up in your search with several places to purchase it, good luck.