Monday, April 14, 2008

Home made bag/purse handle tutorial

Here is a nifty little idea I have been tossing about.
I have seen similar handles up for sale on the internet,
but knowing I had all the supplies on hand I decided to make my own handles.

The one thing I did not have on hand was 16 guage wire,
which would have been more flexible to work with and a better guage for some of the beads and findings I have on hand.
So I used coat hanger wire, but believe, me I would not use it again.
It does make for a strong handle though.

These are some of the materials needed for making your handles.

Pliers, wire cutter, wire, beads and findings.

Cut you wire to length
I read some where that the length of your finished handle should measure about 13 inches in length, allowing extra for turning ends in.

I have made mine a little longer here as I know I will need extra length to work off a nice finish, since the coat hanger wire is not so flexible.

Once again as my wire is not as flexible, I have used a sturdy circular object to shape my wire.

Now I have the shape I am happy with, I can prepare my beads.

Set out your beads in a colour scheme that you are happy with.

I have used some nice glass foil beads I bought some time ago on special.

I am going to space my beads with the only other thing I have on hand with a big enough opening, other wise I would have used some nice silver balls or similar.

After placing my beads on the wire, I bent over the end I was not working with, so my beads would not fall off. I needed to bring out the heavy duty pliers here, as it was hard to bend the other end around to form a nice circular close.

Here is the finished handle, both ends have been turned in and the excess wire has been cut off for a nice finish.

I may attach some half circle wire hoops to the ends of the handles, for attaching to a bag, or attach directly into the finished loops above.

Next thing I need to do is make the bag.