Friday, February 1, 2008

Crochet Puff Stitch Purse. Speedy Pattern.

how to crochet a purse

To be quite honest here, this bag was a bit of a fluke.
I was making something else.
I'm very pleased with this one.
A recycled bag strap.
Bag strap sewn to the inside of the bag

8 ply yarn, any yarn will do. Amount of yarn will be less than 100 gms.
The one I used is 90 % wool
5.00m hook
DC= yo hook, insert hook into st, yo hook, pull through loop, yo hook, pull through 2 loops, yo hook, pull through 2 loops again. (Australian/English terms= trbl.)
Special stitches, PUFF st=(sc, 3dc in st)
Back piece.
1. Ch 50, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, ch 1 turn
2. 1sc, 3dc in first sc, skip next 3 sc, *1sc, 3 dc in next sc, skip next 3 sc*, repeat from * to *, to last 4 sc, skip next 3 sc, 1sc in last sc, ch 1 turn.
3. 1sc, 3dc in first sc, skip next 3 dc, *1 sc, 3dc in next sc, skip next 3 dc*, repeat from * to * to last 4 sts, skip next 3dc, sc in last sc, ch 1 turn.
Repeat row 3, 7 more times.
Begin Flap.
11 and 12. sl st across next 4 st, continue pattern as above, to end, ch 1 turn.
13. repeat row 3, 7 more times, fasten off.
Front Piece.
Work as for back piece to row 10.
To give the front piece a tighter edge, I did a row of rsc, (crab st) along the top.
Making up.
(row 1 of pattern is the right side)
With bag inside out, sew front piece to back piece beginning at side along the bottom and up to the opposite side.
To decorate the flap, I did groups of 3 hdc, evenly around the flap.
Find a nice button or make a bobble to close the flap, you will find the pattern has efficient gaps to go over a button.
To make a bobble, ch 3, 12 dc in 3rd ch from hook, sl st to finish, cut yarn leaving a long tail, thread tail through all stitches and pull tight. You can also make a smaller bobble by using sc, starting with 2 ch.
I took a strap from an old bag and sewed it to the inside of the bag after I had done a row of sc on the steel loop. This makes a sturdier attachment.
I may line the bag, using the method in this on line tutorial.
Have fun, this makes up very quickly.

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You are so talented, I love your blog and your work is excellent! Thank you.