Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Token Xmas Gift

This necklace took me about 30 minutes to make.
It is an inexpensive pretty little gift for a young girl.
I used plastic beads for this one, how ever if you wanted to make one for an adult you could purchase some better beads to use.
The tutorial link is below.


Here are some golf club covers I made for my son-in-law for Xmas.
He is a mad Richmond (tigers) football club supporter (AFL).
These are the team colors.

I crocheted them side ways in the BLO st and every 5th row I only crocheted 3/4 of the way across, to give them a sleeve type effect. I graphed out the numbers and crocheted the number in different pieces then sewed the number together. I linked them together with a round curtain hook that I crocheted around and used a double yarn chain which I joined to the pom, poms.

This is a Xmas gift for my brother-in-law.
I like fun things that have a purpose, so I came up with this little idea.
I hole punched some UNO cards and did a couple of rounds of htrbl.
Then I made the beanie and sewed the crocheted cards to the outsides of the beanie (4). I also hand sewed his name along the top of the beanie and added a tassel like the ones you have on the graduation caps. The purpose of that is to move it from side to side as he wins and loses.
I also made him a simple little carry bag for his deck of UNO cards, which was finished off with decorative ends to the chained tie.

I'm hoping for a giggle from him.
I got the inspiration from the link below, which has a crocheted UNO dress.