Thursday, September 20, 2007

My golli slippers

knit my golli slippers
Childs Golli Slipper.

I was looking for a childs golliwog slipper pattern on the net and had no luck finding one. So I made up my own pattern of knitted golli slippers. Sizing is for 1 to 4 year olds. I was very happy with the end results and I made them in several colors.

My Golli Slippers

© Cathy Wood 2005.

Length from heel to toe

Size A…fits approx child 1 to 2 year old 5 inches

Size B…fits approx child 2 to 3 year old 6 inches

Size C…fits approx child 3 to 4 year old 7 inches


8 ply yarn x 3 colors. Allow approx 25 grms of each color

A pair of 4 mm needles. A 3.5 crochet hook.

A pair of eyes. Caution small parts! Child may choke! I recommend glue on felt eyes (not pictured).

Colors =

Black. White. CC = contrast color. I.e., red, blue, orange, pink, purple etc

Page 1


K = knit. P = purl. L = loop. K2 tog = knit 2 together. S1= slip one. PSSO = pass slipped stitch over.

Loop stitch pattern =.
Insert needle into next st, pass yarn twice round the needle and first two fingers of left hand in clock-wise direction, then round needle once, draw all 3 loops through, replace them on left-hand needle and knit them all tog, through the back of the sts; repeat.

Slipper worked in one piece. Make two.

Using size 4.00 mm needles and cc (color) cast on 27 (29. 29)

1st Row. (Wrong side).K8 (K9. K9) P1, K9, P1, K8 (K9. K9).

2nd Row. Using white, Knit to end.

3rd Row. K8 (K9. K9) P1, K9, P1, K8 (K9. K9).

4th Row. (Change to cc) Work as 2nd row.

5th Row work as 3rd row

Repeat rows 2 to 5. 5 (7, 9) times. Keeping stripes correct.(two of each color except for the first row).

Using black yarn. Repeat rows 2 and 3. 2 times (3 times. 4 times)

Begin Hair.

1st Row. Knit.

2nd Row. K5,(K6, K6). L3, P1, K9, P1, L3 K5 (K6, K6).

Repeat rows 1 and 2, 6 times(8 times, 8 times)

Shape top of toe and hair.

1st Row. K7 (K9, K9). Sl,1, K,1, psso, K1, K2 tog, k3, Sl,1, K,1, psso, K1, K,2 tog, K to end.

2nd Row. K1, L,6, K,9, L,6, K,1.

3rd Row. K,6 (K,7, K,7). Sl,1, K,1, psso, K1, K2 tog, k1, Sl,1, K,1, psso, K1, K,2 tog, K to end.

4th Row. K,1, L,5 (L,6, L,6).K,7, L, 5 (L,6, L,6).K,1.

5th Row. Knit.

Make Up. Break yarn, leaving enough yarn to sew toe and top of slipper. Thread yarn onto darning needle and thread darning needle through remaining stitches on needle, pulling stitches up tight,( with slipper inside out) sew through toe end in a circular motion, re-enforcing the toe, bring thread back to the top of the slipper and back stitch through to the last row of black (ending before striped rows).

With slipper still inside out, back stitch heel by keeping sole flat, sew 3 to 4 stitches from each side, then sew the centre of the heel.


Double crochet, around the top of the stripes, for laces.

Mouth Crochet 2 lengths of 8 chain. Sew on in a smile position.


Crochet 2 lengths of 80 chain for laces. Weave into wool or crocheted top.


Attach either by gluing or sewing.(See caution!).


Carry yarn not in use up the side of your work. Sew in all loose ends.

Soles can be reinforced. For a girl golli, knit a small rectangle, bind in the centre to make a bow and sew onto head.

© Cathy Wood 2005.