Friday, September 28, 2007

Crochet Halter Top, Skirt and Head Band.

I really liked the halter and skirt set that I had made previously, so I made another two sets in different colors.

I didn't alter the pattern for the top at all, but I played around with different stitches while I was making the skirts. I got some help for sizes from the lovely ladies in the knitting and crochet forum.

When it came to making the skirt I did a length of chain and stretched it out firmly when I was measuring , using the size 2+ waist measurement I needed, I finished the chain at the recommended length. I joined the chain into a ring and completed 3 rows of trbl (dc). This formed the waist band.

I then proceeded with a pattern, I started with a simple 2 trbl in next trbl, ch 1, miss 1 trbl, 2 trbl in next trbl.

When it came to giving the skirt a bit more flare, I simply increased the stitches by doing, 3 trbl instead of 2 trbl.

If the skirt if needed more flare, I would increase again.

I threw in a few more fancy stitches for variety.

I am not sure if the length is the correct length, but that is one of the beauties of crocheting, you can just pick from where you finished off and make it larger.

With the head band, I used the same measuring technique as the skirt and the same stitches as the waist band.

I chose a suitable flower pattern to fit the headband, made them up and sewed them on.

And as you see from the pictures, this is truly a cute little out fit.

It will be back to making more sets of these now as Bella has an older sister, who just loves to dress up smartly, her name is Lily and she is 6.

Here is Lily's top, complete with beads and all.

I have never worked with beads before, it is alot of fun.