Best Free Crochet Slippers

I will be adding to this free crochet slipper patterns page, so come back to see more.

Drops Pattern. Crochet Eskimo Boots
crochet eskimo boots free pattern

Heart & Sole Slippers, also has a childs version
free crochet pattern soccacins

Crochet Slipper Boots, you need to register. it's free to do so

free crochet pattern slipper boots  

Another pair of the same crochet slipper boots, different site, you need to register here too, it's free also
slipper boots a free crochet pattern

Similar design to the above, but much easier to follow

How to Crochet Boots With Flip Flops – Free Pattern + Video

slipper boots free crochet pattern and videos

Crochet Slippers Free PatternVideo Tutorial

Handy foot size charts, adult and child
crochet slipper size chart adult

crochet slipper size chart child

Crochet Crocodile Slipper Adult
free pattern tutorial for crocodile stitch slippers


Cathy Morrison Cranor said...

God bless you! Your patterns look awesome and I came to your site when I saw one on pinterest. Thanks again...and I'll look forward to more great patterns!!

Anonymous said...

I love you! Yes, you! Thanking you is never enough I will say God Bless you because my mother in law wanted these sooooooo badly!

~nuccia said...

Wonderful patterns. I'm so anxious to try them out as my slippers have finally
had it!

Elizabeth Ireland said...

Need your HELP in finding your "red crochet slipper boot" pattern. I registered on Anne's craft and it indicated no longer there.