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Scarves, Shawls, Stoles, and Wraps

Winter Scarves    Adult: 7-9 in wide by 58-72 in long
Child: 6-7in wide by 45-50in long

(Adult: 17.18 - 22.86 cm wide by 147.32 - 182.88 cm long
Child: 15.24 - 17.78 cm wide by 114.3 - 127cm long)
Fashion Scarves    3-6 in wide

(7.62 - 15.24 cm wide)
Bandanas and Neckerchiefs    22 x 22 in

(55.88 x 55.88 cm)
Triangular Shawls    62-80 in across, 32-40 in
down to point

(157.48 - 203.2 cm across, 81.28 - 101.6 cm
down to point)

Stoles, Shawls & Wraps    20 in wide by 72-80 in long

(50.8 cm wide by 182.88 - 203.2 cm long)

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Good size charts for making crochet slippers


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