Saturday, May 30, 2015

Knit The Dropped and Found Wrap

Wow what a clever idea.
This wrap looks awesome!
I'm seriously wondering if I made a hat too big, I could drop the stitches then do this technique to make the hat smaller and give it this lovely look!
dropped stitch technique
Please visit the designer for the free knit pattern which includes a video.

Free Knit Pattern
Easy Skill Level
Designed by Jessie Rayot

free knitting pattern for dropped and found wrap

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Knit Log Cabin Blanket and 10 Stitch Blanket In One!

Using Up My Scrap Yarn

log cabin knit blanket
Ooh, don't ya feel cozy when it's cold out side and you are making a blanket along with the satisfaction that the yarn you are using is scrap yarn or discontinued yarn or just yarn that you would never have used.
That yarn is going to keep one of the family members nice and toasty this winter.
log cabin to 10 stitch blanket

This is my first time using the Log Cabin Style in a blanket and I wanted to make it all in one piece, but the larger it got the more pain I felt in my shoulders having to hold up all of those stitches.
So I changed the style to a Log Cabin come 10 Stitch blanket and it is working out fine!

All I did was begin a corner (just after the log cabin cast off) make that corner, then do the 10 st row join into each cast off stitch.

My very first 10 stitch blanket has been well used.

10 stitch knitted well used blanket

I even made a 15 stitch blanket.
15 stitch blanket using same construction as the knit 10 stitch

I must give credit to Very Pink Knits for her wonderful video tutorials, that taught me how to make both of these styles of knitted blankets.

 Log Cabin Video Tutorial

10 Stitch Blanket Video Tutorial