Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Terry Wood. Body Building.

Terry Wood Body Building Competition

This is my husband.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Locker Hooked Table Mat

You may remember this post I wrote about my discovery of locker hooking and this post about my toilet mat that I used the locker hooking method on.
Well I finally got around to making a locker hooked project with the graph canvas and a genuine locker hook, following the correct procedure for locker hooking.
I wanted to replace this doily with a larger and more dramatic centre piece for my dining room table.

I folded the edging over for about 3 spaces and used 5 strands of yarn for the edging. The I cut strips of this striped fabric for the first locker hooked row. Watching the tutorials had told me to cut the fabric about half an inch thick, so I did, but this fabric is quite thick and I ended up with blisters on my hand by tugging it through, it wasn't until I got further along with other colors that I realised that the material they were using is quite a thin material and I should not have cut my material so wide, once I got over that simple hurdle and used different width's to suit the thickness of each type of material I had chosen to use, it was quite smooth sailing.

Here are the materials I had been collecting for this project, just scraps from the second hand shop, well scraps to some but very useable to me.

In this picture you can get an idea of the size it is, my husband saw this stage and said it would take me for ever, he under estimated me

I cut the fabric strips as you would for rag crochet and I held 5 strands of yarn together when I used the yarn.

I took a chance and changed the pattern for the centre of the mat. I'm glad I did as I like the out come.
The under side of the mat does have loose bit's of material and some joining that you can see, I plan to cut and glue these pieces flat to finish it all off nicely.

I hope that you have enjoyed my locker hooked table mat experience.