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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Knit Log Cabin Blanket and 10 Stitch Blanket In One!

Using Up My Scrap Yarn

log cabin knit blanket
Ooh, don't ya feel cozy when it's cold out side and you are making a blanket along with the satisfaction that the yarn you are using is scrap yarn or discontinued yarn or just yarn that you would never have used.
That yarn is going to keep one of the family members nice and toasty this winter.
log cabin to 10 stitch blanket

This is my first time using the Log Cabin Style in a blanket and I wanted to make it all in one piece, but the larger it got the more pain I felt in my shoulders having to hold up all of those stitches.
So I changed the style to a Log Cabin come 10 Stitch blanket and it is working out fine!

All I did was begin a corner (just after the log cabin cast off) make that corner, then do the 10 st row join into each cast off stitch.

My very first 10 stitch blanket has been well used.

10 stitch knitted well used blanket

I even made a 15 stitch blanket.
15 stitch blanket using same construction as the knit 10 stitch

I must give credit to Very Pink Knits for her wonderful video tutorials, that taught me how to make both of these styles of knitted blankets.

 Log Cabin Video Tutorial

10 Stitch Blanket Video Tutorial

Thursday, February 26, 2015


The Kanga Ridge Scarf Is A free Knit Pattern
Needless to say, I've had the knitting needles out lately 
(pun intended, lol)
I put these knit stitches together and it came out looking fabulous!
So here I am once again to share a free pattern with you, but this time it is a knitting pattern!
The Kanga Ridge scarf pattern is full of texture and bounce!
This easy knit scarf pattern looks fabulous on both sides too
You can make the scarf with fine to bulky yarn
The pattern is a 2 row repeat, so you will have it memorized in no time!
There is a 3 stitch border on both sides, which stops your scarf from curling in.
Apart from the 3 stitch border, the pattern stitch is based on the rib stitch, purling 1 st, then a knit inc in the next stitch, this is repeated until you get to the next border. 
On the other side of the scarf and after the 3 stitch border, is a k1, then purl 2 together, repeated to the next 3 stitch border. I hope you enjoy this fund and easy scarf pattern.

Stitches used:
K, knit
P, purl
P 2 tog, purl 2 together
K inc, knit increase (knit into the back of the stitch, then knit into the front of the stitch)
Supplies, yarn and needles of your choice
Tension not required

Pattern stitch count is, any number of odd st's plus 6 more st's.

To begin: cast on your st's loosely
Row 1, k 3, p 1, *k inc (see notes), p 1* repeat from *to* to last 3 st's, k 3
Row 2, K 4, *p 2 tog, k 1* repeat from *to* to last 3 st's, k 3

Repeat rows 1 and 2 for length desired, finish with a row 2, then cast off loosely

With my scarf I use a bulky yarn, 15 mm needles, and 19 stitches, the yarn was from my stash and had no label, so I can't tell you what brand it is, sorry.

Free Pattern, Courtesy Of Cathy Wood
Aka, Cats-Rockin-Crochet.
You can sell your items made from this free knitting pattern
I’d love to see this pattern used for charity use
Please link back to this pattern if you use it

Thursday, January 8, 2015

AllFreeCrochet’s top bloggers of 2014

This is my letter from AllFreeCrochet, I'm so chuffed to say that 2 of my patterns made the list!
My Witch Stitch Hat pattern  
and my One Piece Wonder Baby Bootie pattern.

Please visit their link and show some support for one of the largest collections of free crochet and knit patterns.

I’m excited to announce that you’re one of AllFreeCrochet’s top bloggers of 2014! We’ve compiled a list of 100 of our most popular patterns of the year, and you made the cut! One of your patterns is featured on our Top 100 Patterns list, which is live on our site right now.
Here’s the link to our top 100 list, if you’d like to share it with your readers:

Whilst I am here writing this post, I'd like to advise my followers that 5 months ago I became a grandparent raising 2 of my grandchildren ages 9 months and 3 yrs old.
This has been the reason that I have not been active with my free pattern writing and keeping my blog up to date.
My priorities are quite clear, the children come first!
I do however miss my craft so much and will get back into it when time allows. I really do hope that I see you soon, cheers for now and all of my very best to you all!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Crochet Template For The Beginning of a One Piece Dress/Sweater/Jumper

One of the very first things you may ask when using this information is how many chain st's do I begin with?
If you think about making a hat and that you have to increase to a certain amount of st's for the hat to fit, that count will be the guide for you to make this to fit over the head of your subject
My subject is for a new born to 3 months and they need a hat with approx 60 st's that will fit their head, so I made a beginning ch of 60, then divided them as equally as I could to make a rectangle.
The rectangle is the beginning shape to fit the shoulder and neck area, that triangle will then become a square as st's are added to shape the garment and once again equally. 
Here is a drawing of what we are looking to achieve.

We also need to make these calculations knowing what yarn ply and hook size we are using.

This is my stitch count as I made the garment
As you can see, it begins in the shape of a rectangle
This fits well on my model
The increases are being made and the rectangle is slowly becoming a square
Which still fits well on my model
The square is now more obvious
The shape folds and forms a perfect garment

More rows and increases are made
Now you can really see the shape of the square, I have been using 10 ply and a 4 mm hook

If you would like written instructions, please leave a comment and I will be pleased to provide them.