Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Mosaic Crochet Patterns Part 3

My Mosaic Crochet Journey 3

This mosaic crochet pattern chart is part three of the many patterns I want to share with you.

Mosaic Crochet "Me A Solid Heart" is an excellent sampler for those of you, who want to try mosaic for the first time.
It's 39 st's wide and 27 rows.
The pattern is shown in both the graph and written instructions.
This is what your sampler will look like once completed.
I used Au 8 ply (US DK light worsted) yarn and a 3.5 (E 4) mm hook.
It measures approx 7 inches in height and 10 inches wide.
This would be a great width for a scarf  (39 st's).
Then you would just repeat the 27 rows over and over until you reach the scarf length  required.

A couple of tips here.

The written instructions are in US terms.

You can click on the graph picture to download for your personal use. 
 I have also made this graph pattern with the outline of a heart.
This will look great along side of your solid heart pattern.

Based on the solid heart graph, I have made a much larger graph, it's called endless love.

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